DragonFly is a technical demo made during my third semester in Hannover.

My goal was to test my capabilities by working alone and not only focusing on the technical aspects of the game, but also creating the aesthetic and graphics.

The project is divided into an aerial and a ground phase. The player first controls a flying dragon, then a human character inside a closed village.

I first created a training level in which the player learns the controls.

I then added a battle mode in which one or two players can control dragons and fight each other or one of several AI-controlled dragons. The combat takes place over a volcanic landscape.

A big  inspiration was the PS3 game ‘Lair’, which impressed me with its use of the six axis controller in a medieval fantasy setting.

The project was developed in Unity 3.5 using C# as the programming language. The models were made with Autodesk Maya, then refined and textured in Autodesk Mudbox. Additional modifications and corrections to the textures where made with Photoshop, and normal maps were generated using ShaderMap2.

An important thing I learned from the project is the use of Bezier curves to efficiently move and position objects in the game, which I will implement in a much more advanced way in my bachelor project.

Unfortunately the project file fails to open in a more recent version of Unity. As soon as I’m able to solve this issue I’ll release the game for free download.