Jigsaw is a small proof of concept I have created during a personal one-night hackathon.

The idea of a shifting puzzle/jigsaw was already hanging around in my head for quite some time and because of a lack of tiredness I decided to give it a try and see what I can achieve during one night of more or less hard work.

I wasn’t very eager to make polished app/game, but as it is usually the case I put some additional work into the project after the initial work during the night.

My main goal was to have a core logic to create and mess up a puzzle but keep it solvable simultaneously.

It should also allow to generate different complexities of a puzzle which are determined by the amount of pieces and the duration of disarranging the pieces.

One secondary goal was to keep the setup of a jigsaw as simple as possible to avoid cumbersome scene creation or placing of game objects, prefabs and other things. It should load up a texture, the resolution for the puzzle and be good to go.

The final result (shown in the images) was mostly finished within the first night of work (from approx. 22:00 to 6:00) which was a surprise to me as I expected a much slower progress.

A few days afterwards, I added a rudimentary user interface to the game, additional images (which all are not done by myself but taken from an image pool of course of studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover) and some game statistics to track number of turns and time required to solve a puzzle.

In a third step I tried to bring the game onto my personal Android device to see how it would perform.

I believe this project was a good opportunity for me to see how fast a simple demo can be created.

For all those interested on how I did in detail, I will upload the complete project to this site as an learning example. (This may take some time as other projects need my attention too ^^)