This is Lemhach my bachelor degree project I’ve presented on 21th of January 2016. Lemhach is a couch-coop shoot’em up game for PC. It features up to four players and multiple roles to pick from and create your very own unique ship and gaming experience.

As part of my project I’ve decided to provide the project and all of its assets as open source and free to use for everyone to learn and create their own projects from.

The current focus in development lies on the preparation for the UWP platform and distributing a demo on the Windows Store. Until then version 0.4.0 is available as direct download for Windows 32 and 64 bit and an outdated version 0.3 for Android which showcases the game on mobile devices.

Lemhach (32-bit for Windows)

Lemhach (64-bit for Windows)

With a stylized look between low-poly 3D and simplified, pixelated 2D textures, Lemhach connects the two worlds I’ve been experienced Shoot’em ups during my childhood days. The game is heavily designed to be played with any game pad of your choice and together with up to 3 of your friends to give you the special couch-coop experience.

Aside from most visual and technical parts of the project I’ve used external resources for the sound and interface design. I’ve used a audio construction kit and created the orchestral background music of Lemhach. The work on the game interface was accelerated by my discovery of the “RPG Golden UI” made by Michele Buchelli and published under a Creative Commons license.


Lemhach (32-bit for Windows)
Lemhach (64-bit for Windows)

Old Downloads

Game Demo (for Android)
Unity Project (for Unity 5.3.1)
Unity UI Module (for Unity 5.3)

Maya Project


On the left side you find the downloads available for Lemhach.

  1. Is the 32-bit version for windows pc.
  2. Is the 64-bit version for windows pc.
  3. Is the outdated Android showcase version.
    You need to allow packages from unknown sources to be installed on your device to play the android demo (Android Guide – Unknown Sources).
  4. Is the full Unity project for Lemhach version 0.3 packed into a zip-archive. It was last used with Unity 5.3.1 and you should make sure that you use at least 5.3 as the custom UI module was build against the 5.3 libraries.
    You need to download my custom Unity UI module and replace the default one to run or build Lemhach without any errors. Please note, that this might break compatibility with other projects (using “EventSystem.current”-API calls). You should backup the default module to return to the default state.
    The Unity project does not contain the source audio project as the commercial license does not cover the distribution of the single audio samples. It should contain the build audio asset used by FMOD but might print warnings when the FMOD project could not be found.
  5. Is my custom Unity UI module as prebuild binaries and ready to use. The module was build against Unity 5.3 but can be retrieved as sources from BitBucket, which you might adapt to any Unity 5.x version to meet your requirements.
  6. Is the complete Maya project folder for all 3D assets and textures used in Lemhach 0.3. The models were generated with Autodesk Maya 2016 using mostly standard tools and without any explicit new features which should make the files be compatible with the last few versions of Maya.
    To open and use the Empire Bug rig and animation files the Math Node plugin is required, as it was used to build some rig functionality. The Math Node is available for free for Maya 2014, 2015 and 2016.

All files are provided AS-IS and I do not take any responsibility for damage done to your systems when using the sources or software. You may redistribute the projects in any way as long as you keep an attribution to me Tobias Pott (www.tobiaspott.de) for all parts of the project you use or modify