I’m working as a developer for Minddesk with an all-round approach which gives me the freedom to learn and solve new challenges.

Minddesk is the developer and vendor of the premium voxel editor software Qubicle.

In the first year I developed a plugin to import voxel models from Qubicle into the Unity game engine. It enabled the conversion from voxel data into a mesh data with several optimization options. Over several months I improved the UV-mapping to provide better textures and support for manifold meshes.

The functionality was ported from .NET/C# to Delphi and will be inserted into the Qubicle main application like other features I worked on. I also developed a thin wrapper for the FBX SDK libraries to use inside of Delphi applications across multiple platforms (Windows and OSX).

Besides the voxelizer and support for several 3D mesh file formats I also developed a link to the open source physical-based Mitsuba renderer, to allow users of Qubicle to render their models in higher quality than we at Minddesk develop ourselves. Check out the Mitsuba project page, as well as the Qubicle Features.

For a few months I was free to dive into OpenGL and GLSL shader development, to take the next steps towards improving the internal rendering pipeline. It supports optimized voxel rendering utilizing the GPU processing power, realtime shadow mapping and base lighting/shading features.

My work at Minddesk was part of a required internship in my university program. All of the projects I worked on there offered me unique opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to during my studies.

As soon as I receive the ok, I’ll post some videos and screenshots of the rendering pipeline progress.