The NoXP.Shelves package is a rebuild of the shelf-system from Autodesk Maya which provides faster access to tools and actions normally located in the programs menu.

NoXP.Shelves reproduces the basic features and provides access to all objects and components which are part of the Unity default menu. Which allows creation of new game objects and assignment of components to game objects.

The shelf-system is designed to be user-extendible by creating custom sets of xml configuration files. These allow a user to either define shelves for his own set of menu items (e.g. custom scripts which show up in the “Component” menu) or actions (e.g. editor extensions hooked up into the interface) and calls to methods of internal classes or libraries.

Link to the repository:


  • fast access of Unity standard objects and components
  • quick search items of a shelf
  • manage different set of shelves & shelf windows
  • user-created shelves based on xml configuration
  • various display options: vertical and horizontal alignment, large and small size icons and collapsible groups
  • multiple dockable shelf windows at a time
  • full source code

The Repository

The packages repository is hosted on bitbucket. Click here to get to the overview page and the setup guide (same as below). You also can directly download the bundled package from bitbucket (Please note that the package might not be updated simultaneously with the sources).


I’ve created NoXP.Shelves as a utility to simplify working with Unity and allow users extension to the editor in an easy but unified way.

Therefore anyone might use and distribute the sources as long as references and naming is kept as-is and no commercial purpose is pursued by distribution.

I’m always happy to hear who uses my tools and how it improved their work, feel free to contact me with any feedback about you using my tools.

How do I get set up?

  1. Download this repository to your local drive
  2. Create a new Unity project (or open an existing one)
  3. Create a folder named “Editor” (if it does not exist)
  4. Create a folder named “NoXP.Shelves” inside the “Editor” folder
  5. Copy all files from this repository in the “NoXP.Shelves” folder
  6. Wait for Unity to finish it’s compilation of the new scripts and assets
  7. Click on the “NoXP” menu in the main menu of Unity and select “Shelves” menu item
  8. The “Shelves” window will pop up where you can load and manage your current active shelf configuration
  9. Click on “Open” navigate to the previously created folder, find the “Data” subfolder and select the ShelvesCFG.scfg file to load the default shelves (providing the core Unity objects and components).
  10. Afterwards click on the little “eye” icon subscripted with “all” next to the “ShelvesCFG.scfg” entry in the “Shelves” window, this will display all shelf windows configured in the selected shelves config.