Ouroboros is a game about the infinite cycle of being, which players experience to evolve and advance their abilities. You will either play as ‘Will-o-Wisp’ or as one of several ‘Sentinels’ and need to work together to proceed to the phase of their evolution.

In the first chapter, the characters bring color to the world by painting the environment, changing it to solve puzzles and riddles.

The Sentinel’s role is at the forefront of the second chapter, and he must use all of his abilities to advance and protect his companion, the Will-o-Wisp.

The third chapter is visual and atmospheric, waiting for you with new discoveries and challenges.

The project began in my 4th semester at the Hochschule Hannover. I teamed up with Sabine Goebel, who had created the original world, and we developed the concept into the game.

I worked on the technical part of implementing mechanics, writing shaders and controls inside Unity and managed the project, while Sabine did the creative part of modeling, conception and animation.

At present, the game is network based co-op. At least two people are required to play the game properly. For the best experience I want to add in a local co-op option, in which a single player can control both characters, team up with an AI or share a screen with a friend.

I worked on the game until the early months of 2015, when I took time off to concentrate on my bachelor project. When it is completed in February 2016, I hope to continue work on Ouroboros and add in new twists in the mechanics and a more distinct story.

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