Seek - Phoenix Down

Seek – Phoenix Down is a group project created in the second semester of the media design program in Hannover, Germany. With four team members, our goal was to make an acceptable looking, third person action-adventure game.

After several discussions we decided to use the Unreal Development Kit for the project. We wanted to experiment with a different engine and use Unreal’s capability to handle complex shading, to create high-quality graphics with our then limited experience.

Based on our strengths, experiences and interests we separated the work, and tried to learn and accomplish as much as possible in a six-month period.

Estrella Jurado worked on landscape and property modeling, storyboarding, texturing and learned SpeedTree.

Philipp Bontemps worked on character and property modeling and the menu and interface design using Autodesk Scaleform.

Leo Flock worked on character and property modeling using Autodesk Maya, texturing with Adobe Photoshop and made the title theme for the demo.

I worked on modeling and texturing the monsters and programmed the game mechanics using UnrealScript.

All of us worked on animations for our respective characters or monsters.

At the start of the project, we all had different ideas and expectations of the outcome. We attempted to unify everything into a final, group consensus.

Team members: Philipp Bontemps, Estrella Jurado, Leonard Flock and Tobias Pott.

Check out my Vimeo profile to further explore the development of the project and the modeling steps. Of course you can also see all of my other work done in the past three years.