WIDarius is a small demo of a shoot’em up game I made during the first semester of my studies at the Hochschule Hannover.

The requirement for this course assignment was to create an artistic piece using the Adobe Creative Suite.

I chose Photoshop to sketch and draft, Illustrator to refine the drawings and create vector graphics, and Flash to add interactivity to the game.

After several iterations and adjustments to the graphics I started working on the game logic. To learn as much as possible I added support for multiple users on the PC program and created a mobile version to run on Android devices using Adobe AIR.

Two players can play simultaneously on the PC, while the mobile version has an on-screen controller for the movement and actions of a single spaceship.

The complete project can be downloaded below and is provided as a learning resource or starting point for your own shoot’em up game.

Download Project Archive

Feel free to use the code and graphics in your own project but please consider sending me a message to mailme@tobiaspott.de when you do. I’m always interested in seeing what other people do and achieve.