About Me

Hello there,

My name is Tobias,
I am a .NET/C# and Unity developer based in Hannover, Germany.

I completed an education as a IT specialist for software development in 2009. I extended my expertise to interactive 3D applications when I started working with Unity in late 2010 and studied media design in 2011 (B.A.).

The work I’ve done since then covers many areas, e.g. developing own game ideas, writing Unity Editor extensions or game creation tools, providing tutorials at university, room-scale VR on mobile phones, AR and VR applications, persistent AR (Azure Spatial Anchors), maintaining a modified version of UGUI for multiple concurrent user UI and others.

Feel free to reach out to me with request or questions you have.

My Skills & Focus

Programming & Technologies











3D & Art





 Affinity Photo | Photoshop


 3ds Max


The above should give an impression on what my focus is, I find it hard to measure my experience with a software or technology.


This is where it might get interesting or exciting. Unfortunately I didn’t had the time to fill this spot on the website and I ask for your patience. I’ll continue to update this page with links to my projects and repositories whenever I can.
As a starter I invite you to visit me on GitHub: https://github.com/TobiasPott and dig through some of the work I put up there.


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Nintendo – Game Builder Garage

I’ve recently bought Game Builder Garage on my Nintendo Switch. Nintento’s Game Builder Garage is an application which teaches you basic game development using a visual node graph and several interactive development lessons in which you build different games step by step. I consider it a lovely game and would be thrilled if something as easy and accessible would have been available in my youth.

In the past few weeks I got addicted to prototyping some game mechanics and started building existing games using the toolset available in Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage exploring and pushing its limits. See the images below for impressions of what I’ve build and check out my developer ID for my shared creations.

GBG – Twrfall

GBG – Tble Sccr

GBG – Phipha 2021